Pipeline Solutions

Center Lift, Inc. provides pipeline lifting solutions that significantly reduce time, costs and environmental impact compared to traditional pipeline services.

Our innovative pipeline lifting system:
  • Requires almost no heavy equipment and small crews.
  • Is easily used in remote and environmentally sensitive locations.
  • Uses compressed air instead of hydraulics.
  • Is fully transportable by helicopters, air boats or other small craft.
  • Has low load bearing pressures, reducing stress on pipelines.
Our method utilizes pneumatic bags and our patented Stability Control System to lift pipelines without damage, spreading the lifting loads out over a large area, reducing pinpoint pressure on the pipeline. We can lift long sections of pipeline at one time enabling clients to reclaim larger sections with less heavy equipment, such as sidebooms, significantly reducing the environmental footprint by up to 70% compared with traditional pipeline installation methods.
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The mission of Center Lift, Inc. is to continue to be a pacesetter in the energy and marine support industries, while providing our customers with unparalleled safety, quality, efficiency and productivity. We are committed to the absolute safety of all people with all aspects of the company and its projects. Center Lift, Inc. is equally committed to doing its part to respect and preserve the sanctity of the environment and the fragile marine ecosystems in which we work. 

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