Salvage & Emergency Response

Center Lift’s pneumatic roller bag system is extremely compact and easily transported, enhancing our emergency response capabilities. Most of our equipment has been designed to be light weight, allowing transport by helicopter, air boat or other small craft. Moreover, our proximity to the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico facilitates immediate mobilization when disaster strikes. We can travel to any off-site location rapidly, and then quickly deploy our salvage and recovery procedures in response to any disaster throughout the world in a timely manner. 
“1100 ton barge grounded in marsh after hurricane”
“500 ton barge grounded at full load condition”
“2000 ton barge grounded at full load condition”
“2000 ton barge grounded at full load condition”
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The mission of Center Lift, Inc. is to continue to be a pacesetter in the energy and marine support industries, while providing our customers with unparalleled safety, quality, efficiency and productivity. We are committed to the absolute safety of all people with all aspects of the company and its projects. Center Lift, Inc. is equally committed to doing its part to respect and preserve the sanctity of the environment and the fragile marine ecosystems in which we work. 

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